Education, for me, is about opportunity. Opportunity is what led me to a career of more than two decades advocating for the best interest of our children. It was the motivation behind my desire to begin the free service for parents and families called Educational Makeover, which continues to provide underserved communities valuable resources to navigate their children’s education. It was the inspiration that for a young child growing up in a family of educators gave me the conviction to understand that we have the power to impact the quality of education our children receive. And today, it is the motivation behind my candidacy to serve as Houston Independent School District Board Trustee on behalf of my community for District 4. read more


Some may attempt to defend the HISD overall “B” ranking, but in my neighborhood, (District IV), 10 out of 16 elementary schools have received either a D or F rating for student achievement, and that is unacceptable.

I do not support outsiders taking over our schools. The truth is that our students are failing and our community can’t afford any additional distractions that do not focus on student success. read more


In 1999, I was invited to serve on the Board of Directors of a selective public university in Missouri called Truman University. This began my formal study of the educational system and the chronic underperformance of low-income students. I remember reading a university report that showed that the majority of Truman’s students came from the top twenty percent of family incomes. After learning this, I crusaded for the university to improve its recruitment of students from ALL income levels and was met with a sobering fact: Students from lower-income families and communities are routinely unprepared to attend selective colleges. read more


HISD District IV Candidate Responds to Troubles at HISD

No one, including the TEA, wants the State of Texas to run Houston Independent School District (HISD), however, the tumultuous Board of Trustees have lost focus on providing excellence in education and proven unworthy to continue. read more


There is nothing worse than misdiagnosing a disease. A stomach pain gets treated with an antacid and pain reliever when ulcer surgery is actually required. The patient wastes precious resources and time, making treatment more difficult…read more


HOUSTON - JULY 15, 2019 - The Matt Barnes for HISD Campaign announced that it raised $18,246 for its first campaign finance report for Houston Independent School District, District IV. This comes shortly after he threw his name in the race in mid- June.

“I’m truly humbled by the amount of support I’ve received over the last few weeks,” said Barnes. “People are ready to see a change in our school system to ensure HISD students receive an excellent education and I’m ready to work in achieving that.” read more

Only 2 in 10 Houston Students Are Ready For College